News Plane Crashes — 06 October 2011

A private plane makes a hard landing at the Taney County Airport in Branson Wednesday night.  The two people inside walked away without being hurt.

The Western Taney County Fire District got the call about 9:30 pm, said assistant chief Bruce Bjorge.

When they got to M. Graham Clark field, they found the single engine plane off the runway in the grass.

Bjorge says the pilot said he “bounced” when he landed, sending the right side of the plane into the grass.  It spun around before stopping, causing damage to the landing gear and propeller.

The pilot and a passenger flew to Branson from Arizona for an aviation event.  Both were uninjured.

The FAA and NTSB will be notified.  Those federal agencies routinely investigate every accident involving aircraft in the U.S.

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