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An Air China plane was forced to land after a bird strike damaged its radar radome, New Express Daily reported on Wednesday.

No passengers or crew members were injured.

Flight CA4307, bound for Guangzhou city, hit a bird about 20 minutes after take-off from Chengdu Shuangliu International Airport in Sichuan province.

The incident happened at 10:11 am on Tuesday, according to a manager with Air China.

The flight captain contacted Chengdu Shuangliu airport and flew back to Chengdu.

Air China then arranged for another plane to transport the passengers, which took off at 1:19 pm and arrived at the airport in Guangzhou at 3:25 pm.

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This news message is translated:
About 10 minutes after departure, whilst climbing through about 8000 meters, an unknown foreign object hit the nose of the 757 leaving a large dent in the radome. The pilots discontinued the flight and returned safely to Chengdu. Post landing inspection showed no evidence of any bird remains.

A fly to Guangzhou, Chengdu Air China flight, a few kilometers altitude in case of crash emergency return

■ Express reporter Huang Xiaojia

Yesterday morning, A Guangzhou flight CA 4307 with REGISTRATION: B-2856 an Boeing 757 aircraft that shortly after takeoff hit something on the front, the aircraft was airborne radar cover several kilometers in altitude knocked out a large pit, the crew decided to return immediately thereafter, after half an hour flight safety back to Chengdu Shuangliu Airport, the event caused no casualties. Air China followed by a rapid deployment of another aircraft to fly the flight, and arrived safely in Guangzhou yesterday 15:25.

This event also made many friends on the impact of what it was very curious, even many netizens ridicule: this altitude, it is an alien doing? However, UFO fans will be disappointed – Air China yesterday confirmed that the plane was hit by birds.


Aircraft at 8,000 meters altitude by foreign object impact

13060407195726“Air China CA4307 ride from Chengdu to Guangzhou, the aircraft took off 40 minutes after being told to return to Chengdu, mechanical failure, so now I’m in the Shuangliu Airport!” Yesterday morning, the real-name authentication microblogging general manager for the CBI @ CBI Game Zone Liu fruit in their own microblogging news release, his ride Chengdu Air China – Guangzhou flight shortly after takeoff due to mechanical failure suddenly notice to return, but did not specify what the specific mechanical failures.

In the afternoon hours, users @ crazy Tsai fluttering @ expose airport uncivilized behavior in their respective micro-Bo released some CA4307 flight aircraft nose dented pictures once again that the flight has a mechanical problem. @ Expose airport users uncivilized behavior in its micro-Bo said: Air China flight CA4307 Chengdu – Guangzhou, at 8000 meters altitude airborne radome by foreign object impact, half an hour later returned safely Chengdu! The message immediately by a concern of users, as of press before the microblogging forward in just three hours by nearly 500.

Air China

This is a bird strike event, very occasionally

Reporter contacted yesterday evening southern base of the China International Aviation and relevant person in charge, according to its understanding that, yesterday morning 10:11, CA4307 Chengdu – Shuangliu Airport in Chengdu, Guangzhou Flights normal takeoff. About 20 minutes after takeoff, the flight was suddenly airborne radome bird strike, “After the accident occurred, the flight captain calmly, in order to consider the life and property safety of passengers in contact with the Chengdu airport, following prescribed procedures the plane back to Chengdu. “Yesterday morning at 10:59, the flight successfully returned to the Shuangliu Airport, the passengers unharmed.

Air side said that after the plane landed, the airline has quickly deployed to another aircraft to fly the flight task, at 13:19, the aircraft took off again, the flight arrived safely at 15:25 Guangzhou Baiyun Airport. “Bird strikes is very occasional unforeseen circumstances, this incident did not cause too much impact on passengers, passengers do not want to be too scared.” The official said.

■ Expert

Whether the captain decided to return

Express News “driving when landing the plane took off, I often see sparrows, swallows and other birds fly in the air, each airport will be equipped with specialized manpower bird, in order to ensure flight safety.” One senior pilot told reporters, although aircraft with “iron bird,” said, but high in the air when faced with a bird flying, but it is very fragile, so each aircraft before takeoff, the airport will be a special bird work.

1 kg bird strike force of up to 10 tons

There aviation industry veteran insiders told reporters, even if the airport is equipped with venue teams bird bird, but the bird strike situation will still occur from time to time. “Car driving at high speed in the process are likely to bump into things dented car hood, let alone a high-flying aircraft and a similar bird in flight, but the aircraft has more than 100 tons heavy, in fact, passengers Inside the cabin are generally less likely to feel that the plane was hit by a bird. “The Insiders pointed out that the aircraft airborne radome is actually a muster aluminum shell, not solid, so the Air China flight radome is birds knocked a pit is not surprising. As for the captain’s decision to return, he thought it was right to do, “the general appearance bird strike situation is knocked by the captain to make judgments based on, if only a very slight bump is no need to return, but if the impact serious cases, or for safety reasons, usually to return processing. ”

According to statistics, a weight of about 1 kg of birds in flight in the aircraft, its impact force there are 10 tons of the giant. Bird strike aircraft are mainly concentrated in the windshield, engine, nose, landing gear, radome, wing leading edge and other parts. Among them, hit the windshield, engine maximum probability, and these parts of the aircraft is relatively weak and Achilles heel, they have been a bird hit after the most serious consequences.

Is easy to climb down the aircraft in case of bird strike

According to ornithologists to statistics, currently the world’s total of more than 8,000 species of birds. Most ordinary birds flying height of 400 meters; eagle flying high it reached 3,000 meters; living in Europe Alps Yanfeng bird flight altitude up to 3500-4000 m; while the highest flying birds are swans flying over the Himalayas, was undoubtedly capable, they could live in an altitude of about 9000 meters in free flight. Birds flying low altitude range, usually from the ground 60 meters to 100 meters in the region, and this is the height of the aircraft taking off and landing, but also the most unstable when the aircraft, so the aircraft during takeoff, climb, descent, approach and landing phase is the most prone to bird strike when the situation. According to statistics, more than 90% of bird strikes occur in the airspace near the airport and the airport, 50% occurred in less than 30 meters in the airspace, only 1% occurred in more than 760 meters of altitude.

■ Chin

User quiz “perpetrators”:

Aliens? Iron Man?

Express News correspondent Tangpei Yang reported that “A big one pit! Could that Iron Man doing?” Yesterday, brutally birds dented radome Air China flight CA4307 fly to Guangzhou, Chengdu Aircraft comprehensive multi-angle “hurt” photograph appeared on the microblogging , triggering surprised onlookers with fanciful speculation.

Sina microblogging users @ Mexico’s letter dig, said: “Wukong hit the.” @ Shakes the Barley shake that wind is an alien, @ qiqibaba2009 the guess is Thor (“The Avengers” role). @ LiI_ a typical curiosity that: “It must be an angry bird ……” @ Lucky_gjy altogether concluded: “Ala Lei throw a baseball hit the plane!”

User @ to different figure difficult to use a very professional tone explained by the possibility of a bird strike, but he also expressed a certain degree of magic: “The height of birds generally relatively large, so large pits, this seemingly can explain; radome depression but did not hit knocked wear, indicating impactor material is relatively soft, and the larger, seemingly too close to the bird strike; but a little strange, after the bird strike should have a lot of blood, the picture did not see …… ”

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