News Plane Crashes — 23 August 2013

A helicopter made an emergency landing in the Marginal Tietê, the northern zone of São Paulo, at about 10:40 on Wednesday, 21.

A private aircraft, model Eurocopter EC 120B Colibri, prefix PR-IVE, had taken off from Campo de Marte 12 minutes before with a pilot and a flight mechanic for maintenance and landed on the handle access to the Bridge House Green, sense Penha, in an isolated area where he runs a pumping station at City Hall. No one was injured and the victims were treated on site.

The aircraft, belonging to the Ibar (Brazilian Industry of Refractories articles), landed in the normal position. The propellers and tail touched, apparently a concrete wall and were damaged. Four cars Fire Brigade attended the event and despite a mild smoke visible after the incident, there was no explosion.

The driver Claudio Ferreira, 52, trafegava the site at the time of the accident and said he saw the aircraft explode an electrical cord before touching the ground. One piece fell on the roof of your car, leaving a mark pointed.

The pilot, commander Rodrigo Pacheco, 35, left the place at 12.25. He said the engine stopped responding while following up to speed. After informing the control tower, started the descent procedure taking advantage of the strength of the wind and rotational energy remaining. “It’s the first time you step into this situation,” he said, which has 15 years of experience. The crew were employees of Helibras, responsible for the flight test. The company, engaged in the manufacture and maintenance of aircraft, said it sent technicians to the site.

A team from the Center for Research and Prevention of Aeronautical Accidents (CENIPA), linked to the Air Force, was also in the area.

According to the Traffic Engineering Company (CET), the Marginal band had no banned because of the occurrence. The accumulation of curious, however, generated slow 2.6 km at the local rink, towards the east, at 11:20.

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