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A cargo plane in Papua, Indonesia, was looking a little tipsy after stopping for a delivery at Wamena Airport, and it’s all because of a little cooking oil.

Okay — a lot of cooking oil.

The aircraft, which was operated by Tri-M.G. airlines, was flying into the city of Wamena from Timika on Monday afternoon with a shipment of Bimoli oil, among other cargo.

During the unloading process, the oil spilled from its container in the center of the plane, coated the floor, and caused all the other cargo to “slump” toward the back of the cabin, reports The Jakarta Post.

Due to the shifting weight, the plane’s nose lifted a few meters in the air, and its tail touched the apron.

The entire unloading process took only 40 minutes, reports The Jakarta Post, during which time the ground crew rushed to correct the off-balance aircraft.

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Footage of the incident was also shared on social media, capturing the exact moment when the Tri-M.G. aircraft was safely back on the tarmac.

Rasburhani, the head of Wamena Airport, confirmed that the plane suffered only minor scratches and was returned to its “normal condition” following the incident.

“We are waiting for the results of the investigation from the Transportation Ministry’s directorate of operations and airworthiness maintenance,” he told The Jakarta Post.

This isn’t the first time in recent months that Wamena Airport has had trouble with its cargo carriers. In September, a plane carrying nearly 15,000 tons of fuel skidded off the runway when the aircraft’s back wheels failed to extend.

According to reports, no one suffered any injuries in either incident.

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