News Plane incidents — 25 April 2017

A Coast Guard C-130 aircraft made a precautionary landing at the Sheltair facility at the Northwest Florida Beaches International Airport Monday morning.

The pilot called the airport when the plane was about 13 miles away to notify officials of the landing.

According to the airport’s deputy executive director, precautionary landings are a fairly common occurrence and are different from an emergency landing.

“If he can’t get the landing gear down or something like that or he does have smoke or something like that, then we have an idea that it’s more of an actual occurrence that’s going on, on the aircraft.

This is a precautionary, maybe they heard something, they can’t see, all of there instrumentation is correct, and so they just want to get on the ground and check it,” Deputy Executive Director Richard McConnell said.

McConnell says everyone who was on the plane is okay. He says military flights that make precautionary landings have checklists and procedures to go through before taking-off again.

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