News Plane incidents — 29 April 2017

A Delta Air plane’s engine reportedly caught fire today after taking off from the Chinese capital.

The plane, which was carrying 227 passengers, had to turn back to the Beijing Capital International Airport before making an emergency landing.

One passenger described to Beijing News that she had heard a loud bang before the plane ‘lost balance’ mid-air.

It’s understood that all passengers and cabin crew are safe and uninjured.

A statement issued by Delta Air Lines said that Delta flight 188 ‘experienced an issue with its engine shortly after takeoff’.

The statement said that as a precautionary measure, the flight crew elected to return to Beijing.

DL188 departed Beijing at 4:33pm local time, 17 minutes ahead of the schedule, according to the company’s website.

It was expected to arrive in Detroit at 6:35pm local time.

Speaking to Beijing News, an unnamed female passenger said that she heard a loud bang while the plane was flying mid-air.

She then said that she felt the aircraft was losing balance.

‘It was hard to tell whether it was going up or dropping. Then we heard the captain announcing that we were to turn back.’

The same passenger said after the plane had landed, it was surrounded by ‘many fire engines and ambulances’.

A video clip taken by an eyewitness on the ground shows flames bursting from the right engine as the plane flew over.

The aircraft landed safely under power of both engines and taxied to the gate, according to the airline.

The company also said that it’s re-accommodating customers on another aircraft from the Narita International Airport in Japan, which will depart Beijing 24 Hours after its originally scheduled time.

Overnight accommodation in Beijing is said to have been arranged for the affected passengers.

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