News Plane incidents — 03 April 2017

A light aircraft made an emergency stop on a Catalonian motorway on Saturday due to mechanical problems.

The plane, a Tecnam P92, landed and taxied to a rest area on the AP-7 toll road near Cardedu, a town to the northeast of Barcelona.

It is not known if the pilot paid the toll to use the road, but luckily the emergency landing didn’t cause any accidents other than surprising some motorists.

The cause of the unexpected landing is being investigated by the Spanish air investigation authority and local police.

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Other news:
Motorists were left stunned when a plane performed an emergency landing on a motorway.

The plane had apparently developed an engine fault after taking off from Sabadell aerodrome in Barcelona, Spain.

It was filmed landing on a busy motorway on the outskirts of the Spanish city in front of shocked drivers.

Fortunately it was a safe landing, and the two pilots managed to land on a slip road to avoid the main traffic.

The incident happened this afternoon (Sunday), and all emergency services attended.
Miraculously, nobody was hurt and no damage was suffered.

“The expertise of the ultralight pilot meant it avoided landing directly on the highway and, therefore, did not affect the traffic and there were no injuries,” said a spokesman for the Catalan traffic service.

The four-seater ultralight landed on the AP-7 between Cardedeu and Llinars del Vallès.

Fuel was removed from the plane before it was dismantled and taken back to the airport.

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