News Plane incidents — 16 April 2017

THIS is the dramatic moment a Thomas Cook jet aborted its flight and made an emergency return to Manchester amid reports of a fuel leak.

More than 280 passengers on board the Thomas Cook jet were taken off the flight after it was met on the runway by fire engines.

The company said flight MT2718, which was en-route to Las Vegas, had returned due to “technical issues” but would not elaborate further.

Sources as saying the problem could have been a fuel leak.

Dramatic footage showed the jet touching down in Manchester as crowds watched at least three fire trucks race towards it.

A spokesperson for the company said: “Flight MT2718 from Manchester (MAN) to Las Vegas (LAS) has returned to Manchester after a suspected technical fault with the aircraft.

“The Airbus A330-200, with 283 customers on board, landed safely after circling to reduce its weight.

“All customers and their bags are being transferred on to another aircraft so they can restart their flight as soon as possible.

“We’re extremely sorry for the delay but are sure our customers will understand that safety always comes first.”

They added that all passengers successfully left the airport on another flight just after 1pm this afternoon.

Raw video:

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Dozens of astonished bystanders watched as fire engines raced to the jet

Dozens of astonished bystanders watched as fire engines raced to the jet

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