News Plane incidents — 30 April 2017

A major mishap on Sunday was averted when a Vistara flight was asked to abort its take off at the last moment to avoid crashing into an approaching Indian Air Force (IAF) plane in Chandigarh, PTI reported.

The report said that airplane was landing on the same runway at the International Airport. At the time of the incident, the Vistara flight had 151 passengers on board and was scheduled for departure at 3.20 pm. However, the flight got delayed due to some reasons and left after 5 pm.

The air-traffic control asked the flight to return even as it accelerated for take off. After the incident, Vistara tweeted, “regret the trouble, take off was aborted as per instructions from ATC at Chandigarh airport.” IAF officials said that the decision to abort take off of the private airline was taken by the ATC keeping in view the safety norms.

In another controversial incident, on Friday, a Jet Airways flight 9W355 enroute Mumbai-Delhi was diverted to Jaipur earlier after which a passenger tweeted a ‘SOS’ message to Prime Minister Narendra Modi informing him about a possible ‘hijack’.

However, it was later reported that Jet Airways Flight 9W355 was reportedly diverted due to bad weather conditions and air traffic congestion. Twitter user Nitin took to the social media platform on Thursday morning after his flight was diverted and wrote, “@narendramodi sir we have been in jet airways flight for past 3 hrs, looks like hijacked, pl help 9W355.”

The tweet sent Jet Airways officials into jitters as they scrambled to defuse the situation and quickly reply back. They said, “Hi Nitin, our flight 9W 355 has been delayed due to air traffic congestion at Delhi.”

But it seems evident that the passenger was not at peace even after the reply by the airline’s official. He replied back by asking them for a confirmation along with a justification for the delay.

“Can we get a confirmation with proper justification because other flights schedule after that got clearance from Mumbai to Delhi,” wrote the Jet Airways passenger on Twitter.

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