News Plane incidents — 12 May 2017

Passengers allege emergency landing after tyre burst, no injuires; airport authorities claim plane only went slightly into field

High drama was witnessed at Pune Airport on Friday evening, when an Air India plane flying from Delhi to Pune had to have an emergency landing and skidded off the runway. An emergency evacuation was ordered; while all 152 passengers are safe, many were severely frightened. Meanwhile, the runway was also shut down for some time by the Airports Authority of India (AAI).

It was only two hours later that these passengers got access to their luggage, and by 9 pm, all of them had trickled out of the airport.

However, Pune Airport director Ajay Kumar downplayed the incident, saying, “AI Flight 849 (Delhi-Pune) had a regular landing, but went around 10 metres off the runway into the grassy open land. No one was injured and the runway was only closed till all passengers were safely brought to the main building. Some regular scheduled flights were also delayed in the evening schedule.”

When Mirror spoke to Suhas Jadhav, who is in charge, of Air India, Pune region, he was loath to reveal details, only saying, “We have safely evacuated all passengers. The aircraft has been moved off the runway.”

This flight took off from Delhi at 4.05 pm and was scheduled to arrive here at 6.10 pm. But, before landing, the flight had been circling in the air for around 10 minutes, waiting for the signal, sources revealed. Around 6.27 pm, while landing on Runway 2, things began to go downhill.

Most people on board were extremely scared by the events. Passenger Varsha Garg, in her forties, told Mirror, “We first heard the sound of a tyre bursting and saw smoke coming out from the plane’s rear end. Everyone panicked. The pilot told us to be silent and evacuate slowly, by jumping down all the chutes that had been opened. However, we had to walk all the way to the main building and no proper help was given by airport or AI crew members. I was unable to walk, then to wait for two hours to get my luggage.”

Another passenger, Satish Chandra Gupta (74), said, “The plane was fully packed. I was travelling with my wife to Pune. As we landed, I saw the plane go off the runway through a window. We were also jerked around violently in our seats as we touched down. Then, we had to slide down the chutes from the doors. Some youths in the flight helped all of us evacuate safely. For a while, we were petrified, as we landed at a very high speed.”

Flight passenger Shubhangam Agarwal (21), a student from Jaipur, shared, “It was a harsh landing as the tyre had burst, but the pilot managed it well and slid into an open field. The velocity of descent was very high and smoke was billowing out. When we got out on the field, the passengers were simply milling around for 20 minutes. Finally, we were taken to the main airport building.”

I saw the plane go off the runway through a window. We were jerked around violently in our seats as we touched down. We had to slide down chutes from doors. Some youths in the flight helped all of us evacuate safely

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DELHI: An Air India Delhi-Pune flight AI 849 overshot the runway while landing at Pune airport on Friday evening. The incident took place at around 6.50 pm.

There were 152 passengers on board the aircraft. All of them are said to be safe.

After the flight stopped, an emergency evacuation of the passengers was carried out on the runway.

“The aircraft overshot the runway.

The plane halted safely and all passengers were evacuated using chutes. No one was injured,” said an AI official.

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New Delhi: As many as 152 passengers on board an Air India aircraft on Friday had a close shave after the plane overshot the runway after landing at the Pune airport.

Following the incident involving the flight AI 849, which flew from Delhi, the runway was closed for a brief while.

An Air India spokesperson said the plane overshot the runway and “emergency evacuation” was carried out. All the 152 passengers on board are safe and no one suffered injuries, he added.

A senior Air India official said following the incident, two pilots have been derostered pending investigation.

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