News Plane incidents — 14 May 2017

An aircraft flying from Germany to Gothenburg was forced into an emergency landing Friday night after a crack appeared in the windshield of the cockpit.

The aircraft, which had 106 passengers, was travelling from Düsseldorf to Gothernburg’s Landvetter airport.

After taking off at around 7pm, it sent out a distress signal while still over German airspace, reports daily Aftonbladet, citing German media.

“It was not a small crack. It looks as though we had hit something,” Aftonbladet quotes passenger Richard Ringström as saying.

After sending the alarm, the pilot decided to turn the plane around near Kiel and landed at Hamburg Airport.

A large number of fire engines, ambulance and other emergency services were on site in preparation for the emergency landing, which went smoothly with no injuries to crew or passengers, according to the report.

“We simply turned around and went in another direction. It was not very dramatic. It was only when we landed and I looked out of the window that everything looked quite German, and not like Gothenburg,” the passenger told Aftonbladet.

The aircraft involved in the incident is a Eurowings Airbus A319 flight EW9224.

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