News Plane Crashes — 26 July 2017

Terrifying footage shows the moment a Russian military plane crashed, exploding into a fireball.

While one person died in the tragedy, five crew members incredibly survived but suffered various injuries.

The disaster occurred during a training flight on the Soviet-era plane at the Balashov airbase in the southern Saratov region of Russia.

The video shows the plane quickly losing altitude as it approaches the airbase with parked helicopters in the foreground.

It crashes a few hundred metres from the base, immediately exploding into flames.

Raw video:

The cause was suspected to be engine failure by one of the two engines on the plane.

Thick black smoke billowed over the crash site as all hope appeared lost for finding survivors.

Pictures of the crash scene once the flames had been extinguished showed a badly damaged fuselage in separate pieces.

A criminal investigation had been opened into the incident, examining whether flight rules had been adhered.

The defense ministry had said the Antonov AN-26 transport crashed as it came into land after a training flight.

“The aircraft failed to maintain the parameters of descent during the final approach and went below the glide path,” the ministry said.

“Six crew were on board the plane, which caught fire after the crash landing.

“One serviceman died and five crew members were evacuated to the hospital by rescue helicopter.”

In 2013, nine people died when an AN-26 plane crashed into a military warehouse in Siberia.

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