News Plane Crashes — 18 July 2017

A plane was flying over Siberia’s Lake Baikal when it crashed into the water body after a suspected engine failure.

The Cessna 172R was carrying four passengers, all of whom survived.

The crash-survivors were pulled out by bystanders, and were provided with medical aid.

Several tourists were out to visit the world’s most voluminous lake when they noticed the US-made four-seater plane going down into the lake.

Several told Baikal-Daily, a local news outlet, that the propeller in front of the cockpit had stopped rotating.

Upon seeing the crash-in-process, a woman found excitable exclamation to justify the situation, “F**k me, it’s gone down,” as the four-seater plane made its final descent.

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“Two people were hurt – the two passengers of the plane,” Vera Malanova, the head of the local administration, told Russian news agency RIA Novosti.

“The pilot is unhurt and a boy, born in 2003, is in shock and has developed a stutter.”

Locals also told the news outlet that the passengers and the pilots on such forays are often drunk, though there is no evidence that this happened on Sunday.

Russia’s aviation authority has opened an investigation into the incident.

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