News Plane incidents — 27 July 2017

A Croatia Airlines aircraft was damaged when it crashed into a baggage transporter last night, Avioradar reports on July 27.

According to the Airport, the Airbus A320 crashed into a ground support equipment vehicle.

Avioradar reports that the aeroplane was headed to Dubrovnik, but because of the damage to it and the baggage transporter, it had to be replaced with another aeroplane, this time Airbus A319, with 1h 15 min delay.

Dubrovnik – Zagreb morning flight this morning is also expected to be delayed.

Both Croatia Airlines and Franjo Tudjman International Airport have confirmed that the incident occurred, and, according to Avioradar, an official investigation was launched right after it.

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Center map

A Avioradar reports on July 27.

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