News Plane incidents — 14 July 2017

Passengers headed out on a Delta flight from Evansville were forced to turn around Thursday.

The plane had to make an emergency landing just after 10 a.m. because of a possible landing gear malfunction.

Passengers aboard told us they heard a loud noise.

The pilot then said they had a landing gear malfunction and that the plane would return to Evansville.

Passengers say the mood was calm and that the staff handled the situation without panic.

“It was a little scary,” said passenger Jason English. “You are just sitting there flying over Evansville for 35-minutes and burning fuel and they are back talking to emergency row people so they didn’t scare anybody and nobody was really horrified.”

English said he’s unsure of his plans. He was intending to go to a concert in Florida but said he may have to stay in Evansville.

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