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Update: HORROR PLUNGE Mum films terrifying moment her Jet2 flight ‘NOSEDIVES’ towards the sea on way home from Ibiza holiday – as passengers send goodbye texts to their loved ones

THIS is the heartstopping moment a Jet2 plane “nosedived” towards the sea – as a terrified mum sent her husband what she believed was a final “I love you” text.

Nickola Tye filmed the horror plunge after oxygen masks dropped from the ceiling on the plane from Ibiza to Leeds.

A screeching alarm sounded and the captain told terrified passengers to “prepare for an emergency descent”.

Nickola said “all hell broke loose” as the aircraft – carrying around 180 people – then nosedived towards the sea.

Raw video:

Nickola Tye sent her husband a goodbye text as the plane plunged

Nickola Tye sent her husband a goodbye text as the plane plunged

The 39-year-old even texted her husband to tell him she loved him for what she believed would be the final time.

She said: “I didn’t have my two young children or husband with me and all I could think was I’m not going to get to see them again.

“Because we were getting lower I was able to write a text to my husband. I said ‘the plane is dropping and the oxygen masks have dropped down, if anything happens I love you’.

“It was awful after we landed. When it’s all happening your brain goes into shock but when we landed that’s when it all hit us.

Passenger John Hatfield claims his oxygen mask didn’t even drop down

Passenger John Hatfield claims his oxygen mask didn’t even drop down

“That’s when people started crying. There was a woman at the front who could not be consoled.”

The Jet2 plane was 30 minutes into the flight back from Ibiza when the horror happened.

Passenger John Hatfield has now slammed the airline after claiming his oxygen mask failed to drop as the plane plummeted towards the sea.

The 33-year-old said: “It took a couple of seconds to register what was going on – and then everyone’s masks came down apart from the one on our row.

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Older news:
Passengers on board a Jet2 flight have described the moment of “panic” when the cabin air pressure dropped to such an extent oxygen masks had to be released.

The flight from Ibiza to Leeds on Sunday required an emergency landing at Barcelona airport, with passengers then changing planes for the remainder of their journey.

Tom Miller, who was on the flight, told: “You’re going down and there is so much panic, it levelled out but if felt so close to the water.”

Jet2 said the flight was diverted due to a “minor technical issue” and apologised to those who were on the plane.

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