News Plane Crashes — 25 September 2017

These pictures show the moments after a pilot had to execute an emergency landing in a Northumberland field.

The incident is understood to have happened in a field off Station Road in Embleton, about seven miles from Alnwick, at around 5pm on September 24.

Emergency services were on the scene quickly and have confirmed that there were no serious injuries.

It is not known where the intended destination of the plane was, although the scene of the emergency landing was about twenty miles from Eshott airfield.

Northumbria Police posted on Twitter: “We had a report this evening of a light air craft having to make an emergency landing in Embleton near Alnwick. Luckily, no serious injuries.”

A woman living close to where the incident occurred described the scene immediately after the dramatic landing.

She said: “I came out of the house to see a light aircraft in the field.

“There was an ambulance car and two fire engines already there by the time I got there, with a few of the village kids looking on.

“A further eight police cars soon arrived too.

“The pilot had already either got out or was taken out and taken into nearby house with paramedics.

“Apparently he was shook up but didn’t appear to be seriously injured.”​

It is not known at this time what caused the pilot to need to execute the emergency landing.

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