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A private plane had to make an emergency landing at Charleston’s Yeager Airport after experiencing mechanical problems with its nose gear.

A 1976 Piper PA twin engine aircraft landed on its nose just before 4 p.m. Tuesday after circling the airport for over an hour.

All three people on board were able to exit the aircraft safely. No one was hurt.

“They’re a little nervous, but they’re glad to be off and safe and away from the aircraft at this time,” said Yeager Airport Director Terry Sayre. “I think this was the best outcome we could’ve had here today.”

The plane was removed from the runway just after 5 p.m. There was no significant damage to the plane. The runway was closed for less than an hour after landing. Only one commercial flight was diverted during that time.

The mechanical problem was first reported to Yeager’s Emergency Response Center at 2 p.m. Officials said the nose gear was at a 30 degree angle before landing.

Airport officials said the plane was flying from Frederick, Maryland to do aerial surveying in West Virginia. The aircraft is based out of Jersey City, New Jersey.

Sayre commended the pilot during a press conference moments after the successful landing.

“I thought that pilot did an excellent job at the pace he came in, the way he slowed it down and how he kept it back off the nose gear. I thought he did a really great job,” he said.

The airport was more prepared this time following a fatal cargo plane crash in May, Sayre said.

“We have contractors on standby now with bulldozers in case there’s an aircraft that runs off the runway over the hill. The woods are pretty think here we learned last time,” he said. “We changed our emergency plan and we prepared for that this time.”

Sayre said the plane only used about 2,000 feet of runway out of Yeager’s 6,800 foot runway.

The three people on board were taken to the Executive Air terminal. The Federal Aviation Administration plans to interview the pilot about the incident.

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A small plane that was experiencing problems with its nose landing gear and was forced to circle Yeager Airport successfully made an emergency landing.

The three people exited the plane after it touched down Tuesday. After it landed, the aircraft tilted forward with its nose resting on the tarmac and tail up in the air.

Yeager Airport said at 2 p.m. Tuesday Yeager Airport’s Emergency Response Center received information that a Piper PA Twin Engine Aircraft out of Jersey City, N.J., with three people on board was experiencing mechanical difficulties with the aircraft’s nose landing gear.

The aircraft circled the airport to burn auxiliary fuel, and was expected to do so for about 20 additional minutes.

News video:

The plane made a low circle over the airport before it landed with the gear at a 30-degree angle.

All three pilots on board exited the plane safely after the plane landed about 4 p.m., Yeager said in a news release.

The pilots said they were headed to Fredrick, Md., where the flight originated. They had flown to West Virginia to complete an aerial surveying job.

Following the emergency landing, runways remained closed for about 55 minutes while the aircraft was cleared, and the runway was swept for debris.

Yeager reported about 5:15 p.m. that only one commercial flight had to be diverted. Runways have been cleared to open.

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