News Plane incidents — 31 October 2017

An airplane battling strong winds was forced to abort a landing Sunday after its wing nearly scraped the runway, startling bystanders.

Video of the incident quickly went viral and amassed over 65,000 views as of Monday.

A Boeing 737 from Enter Air, a Poland-based airline company, can be seen leaning far to the right before grazing the tarmac at Salzburg airport.

The plane dipped and bounced off the runway before it ascended.

Footage shows the plane’s wheels as it made contact with the runway, digging up dirt from the ground.

Raw video:

Video from inside the plane shows the cabin being tossed about during the incident. Gasps can be heard from onlookers as the plane meets the runway.

The flight was scheduled to arrive at Salzburg Airport in Austria at about 11:25 a.m. Sunday. Instead, inclement weather sent it back to where it departed in Frankfurt, Germany, according to the Mirror.

A strong gust of wind disturbed the aircraft, according to the Aviation Herald. But Enter Air said its pilots are equipped for unexpected landing scenarios and no injuries were reported.

“The hurricane wind at Salzburg was very strong and when the aircraft received [a] strong gust of wind, pilots acted quickly according to procedures and aborted landing,” Enter Air wrote in a statement to Fox News. “Polish pilots are very well trained for such weather conditions.”

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