News Plane incidents — 16 October 2017

HURRICANE OPHELIA has battered some parts of the UK, with people reported to have died in Ireland, and one plane had a very rocky landing as it landed at Dublin Airport.

The remnants of Hurricane Ophelia have hit the UK, with parts of the country feeling gale force winds of up to 80mph.

Ireland has been feeling the brunt of the storm and three people are reported to have died in the treacherous winds.

Flights across the UK have been cancelled and delayed – some due to “smoke smells” in planes’ cockpits.

But some passengers travelling on planes brave enough to tackle today’s storm have been in for more than a bumpy ride.

Raw video:

Video footage which has emerged shows an Aer Lingus flight which experienced an extremely rocky landing at Dublin Airport.

The clip shows the aircraft swaying from side-to-side before touching down on the runway.

Sean Hassett watched flight EI491 land this afternoon.

He wrote on Twitter: “My parents flight landing @DublinAirport, well done to the pilot of EI491, my heart was in my mouth!”

More than 200 flights are believed to have been cancelled across Irish airport today.

Aer Lingus cancelled all flights from Cork today.

But Ireland was not the only area of the UK experiencing travel chaos today.

EasyJet said four of its flights were diverted due to “atmospheric circumstances”.

A British Airways spokeswoman said the carrier has had “some reports of smells on board” but the aircraft continued to their destinations.

Liverpool John Lennon Airport stated that “atmospheric conditions” are believed to be causing flights to divert.

Passengers due to travel are being advised to check flight status with the airline before they travel to the airport.

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