News Plane incidents — 11 October 2017

A Frontier Airlines plane bound for Cleveland made an emergency landing in Utah after leaving Las Vegas.

Flight 1116 took off during the high wind warning Sunday.

A tweet from a passenger on board that Frontier flight called it the “flight from hell.”

Bryan Evans wrote “1116 should have never taken off. 200+ are lucky to be alive. 50+ wind gusts on take off, 2 medical emergencies.”

“I was over the wing. Just watching the wing shake and shutter and feeling the haul. The fuselodge shake and rattle and it was pretty terrifying,” Evans said.

He told that passengers were gasping screaming as the flight rocked from side-to-side for minutes.

“Somebody yelled, ‘Turn around. Stop, we’ve got to stop.’ Everybody was freaking out,” said Bristol Fields, passenger.

That passenger who yelled was Bethany Bitt. Passengers near her were in trouble. She says, the extreme turbulence was a trigger.

“There was a girl six-months pregnant and all the stress caused her to have quite an emergency.We’re really hoping and praying she didn’t have a miscarriage,” Bitt said.

Raw video:

Another passenger was thought to be having a seizure.

Several nurses rushed to help.

Passenger Nyeesha Brown happened to be a nurse on board the flight.

“She was seizing. I started calling out actions, telling people to move – I need this, I need that. And two other nurses came and a doctor came and we got her stable.”

“So we just did what we could to help them to safety until we made an emergency landing in Utah,” said Denise Dalton, another nurse on the plane.

Pictures show medics getting on the plane after it made that emergency landing in Utah.

About a dozen people got off the flight. Some wanted to see a doctor, others were too shaken to finish their trip.

Las Vegas was experiencing wind gusts of up to 60 miles per hour Sunday night when the plane took off from McCarran International Airport.

“My thing is why would Frontier then think it was okay for us to take off,” Bitt said. “We’ve been put through hell.”

A Frontier Airlines spokesperson says there was no reports of severe turbulence from the crew and the diversion was for an onboard medical situation.

“Flight 1116 operating from Las Vegas to Cleveland last night diverted to Salt Lake City for a passenger medical situation. The plane was on the ground for 90 minutes before departing and continuing on to Cleveland. There was no reports of severe turbulence from the crew, the diversion was for an onboard medical situation. It was windy in Las Vegas last night which may have made it a little bumpy but it was not a turbulence event.”

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