News Plane incidents — 21 October 2017

PIA Flight Delayed at Toronto Airport after Collision with a Refueling Automobile

At the Toronto Pearson International Airport, a refueling automobile bumped into the parked Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) airplane on Friday. The flight was headed to Lahore. Because of this collision, the flight experienced a delay of sixteen hours’ time.

Mashood Tajwar a spokesperson for PIA said that the flight PK-798 was due to take off at 7: 40 pm, but it was delayed as a refueling vehicle of some local company hit at the airplane’s engine while the plane was refueling.

The airplane was then moved to the hangar for needed repairs.

The passengers were provided accommodation in hotels as the flight was expected to have a delay of sixteen hours, the spokesperson mentioned.

The flight would be departing for Lahore today that is Saturday at 9:00 pm.

A notice of explanation relating the incident has been sent to the local company providing the refueling services at Toronto airport by the PIA management.

The same flight (that is Toronto to Lahore flight) experienced an incident earlier this year in January when the PIA airplane while taxing to its gate at Pearson airport trimmed the wing of an Air France plane.

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Other news:
A Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) airplane at Pearson International Airport, Toronto, has been damaged after it collided with a refueling vehicle, delaying the flight by 16 hours.

According to PIA spokesperson Mashood Tajwar, the Lahore-bound aircraft was damaged during refueling at the Toronto airport, when the refueling vehicle crashed into the plane’s engine, rendering it unfit for flight. The aircraft has been shifted to a hanger for repair and maintenance.

Tajwar added that due to this unforeseen incident, PIA flight PK-798 has been delayed for 16 hours. Now, the flight will take off on Saturday (today) at 9pm. In the meanwhile, passengers have been provided with accommodation at a hotel in Toronto.

“PIA apologises for the delay and inconvenience caused to its passengers,” he said, adding that PIA has demanded a detailed report on the incident from the company that provides services to the national airline at the Toronto airport.

In August of this year, PIA inducted a long-range, wide-body and twin-engine jet Boeing 777-300 into its fleet. The aircraft can accommodate 400 passengers.

PIA spokesperson Tajwar told The Express Tribune that the latest induction had increased the fleet strength to 32 aircraft. “The national carrier will soon start flying to Najaf in Iraq,” he said.

He said Pakistan’s aviation industry was booming at an average growth of 8-10% per annum, which was more than double the 3.5-4% growth in the global aviation industry.

PIA attracted one million passengers last year. It operates 120-130 flights a day, majority of which go to international routes.

Earlier this year, PIA initiated a probe against a senior pilot who was sleeping during an international flight handing over the aircraft to a trainee pilot.

According to reports, a senior PIA pilot was found sleeping in the passenger compartment soon after flight PK-785 took off from Islamabad for London. The pilot reportedly took a two-and-a-half-hour nap while an under-training pilot flew the aircraft.

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