News Plane incidents — 01 October 2017

FIVE people have run from a light plane that was forced to make an emergency landing at Essendon Airport following a problem with one of the wheels on Sunday evening.

The plane circled for 55 minutes to burn off fuel and allow emergency services below to prepare for its arrival.

It landed at 6.25pm with a wing scraping along the tarmac.

A Metropolitan Fire Brigade statement said the pilot had alerted the control tower that his left wheel has not locked down and could collapse on landing.

“At 18:20 hours (6:20pm) the light aircraft came in for a landing with the pilot trying to use the front nose wheel and right wing wheel as much as possible,” the statement said.

“As the speed of the aircraft slowed, the pilot lowered the left wing and the left wheel immediately collapsed upon touching the runway.

“With the tip of the left wing scraping the tarmac, the pilot brought the plane to a halt and everybody on board quickly exited the plane. Fire crews arrived alongside seconds later and ensured all ignition sources had been eliminated.”

None of the passengers were injured.

News video:

“Police were made aware of a light plane in difficulty near Essendon Airport about 5.30pm. The plane, which had five people on-board, landed safely at 6.25pm and no injuries were reported,” a Victoria Police spokeswoman said.

It’s understood the King Air aircraft was travelling from the Sunshine Coast.

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