News Plane incidents — 06 December 2017

Air India may have to scrap the ATR 42 aircraft that was extensively damaged after a Jet Airways passenger coach ploughed into it on Tuesday.

Sources told TOI the collision of the 8-tonne coach with the 15-tonne plane appeared to have violated the structural integrity of the plane, making it unfit to fly unless sections of the starboard side, including landing gear and fuselage, are changed.

The right wing and engine have been damaged.

After preliminary checks, the AI’s team of ATR specialists from Delhi termed the damage `grave’.

But their attempts at a detailed check on Wednesday were frustrated as the bus lodged it self into the plane’s right wing, fuselage and landing gear.

“Unless the bus is extricated, the exact damage can not be assessed,” an AI official said.

An engineer, on his way from ATR headquarters in Blagnac near Toulouse France, will provide a more considered view.

Extracting the bus would be a major engineering operation as could damage the plane more, said Kolkata air port director A K Sharma “The plane’s right rear wheel is gone, its landing gear is damaged and the front left corner of the bus is lodged in the section of landing gear The bus roof is stuck under the wing and caught in the fuselage and engine,” he said.

Sharma, on checking CCTV grabs, said it was an accident.

“The bus was going straight and began to veer to the left, the usual direction an unattended vehicle goes It did not accelerate,” he said Md Ghiazuddin, brother of bus driver Momin Ali, claimed continuous night shifts had resulted in the mishap.

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