News Plane incidents — 05 December 2017

The TOI report yesterday claimed the pilots of flight SQ422 mistakenly made an approach to land at Juhu airport – used by helicopters and small aircraft – instead of Chhatrapati Shivaji airport, the primary worldwide airport in Mumbai.

The Airbus A350, with 259 passengers and crew members, was scheduled to land at the Chhatrapati Shivaji airport. The flight finally landed at the assigned runway nine minutes behind the scheduled time.

A Singapore Airlines airplane taxis on the runway at Sydney International Airport in Sydney, New South Wales, Australia, recently.

Soon after the incident, the airline released a statement and blamed the poor visibility while an Air Traffic Control (ATC) source said that the go-around took place as the pilot mistook the Juhu airport runway for the assigned runway 09 of the Chhtarapati Shivaji International airport (CSIA).

“Due to poor visibility conditions, the crew discontinued the approach to Runway 09 in accordance with standard operating procedures”.

Airport sources, however, said after it was noticed that the aircraft was about to land on the wrong airstrip, it was made to go around while landing clearance was awaited, which was granted by the ATC.

The Juhu airport has a shorter runway than the Chhatrapati Shivaji airport, and landing on the wrong runway would have resulted in an overrun, it added.

“The Singapore Airlines pilot was in touch with the Mumbai ATC and the flight was supposed to make an approach for runway 09 of the Mumbai airport”.

“At no time did the pilots of SQ422 mistake Juhu airport for the worldwide airport”, the airline statement said. On a preliminary basis, the pilot was unable to judge the direction due to an issue with the ILS at the Mumbai airport. But once overhead Juhu, the aircraft corrected its course, and flew to Mumbai airport, where it landed safely in its second attempt.

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