VIDEO: 01 July 2002 Death in Mid-Air – Bashkirian Airlines – DHL

The Überlingen mid-air collision occurred at 23:35 UTC on 1 July 2002 between Bashkirian Airlines Flight 2937 (a Tupolev Tu-154M passenger jet carrying 57 passengers – mostly children – and twelve crew) and DHL Flight 611 [...]

Ramstein AFB, Germany – 28. August 1988

Most air forces and navies of any size have at least one aerial demonstration team. In the U.S., it’s the USAF’s Thunderbirds and the Navy’s Blue Angels. Even the U.S. Army has helicopter and parachuting demo [...]

Reno Air Races — September, 2011

It’s not official yet, but we’re pretty certain that the trim tab – a little rectangular, flap-like device – “departed the airplane,” which was going more than 400 mph at the time. Losing your trim tab [...]

International Air Tattoo, RAF Fairford — 1993

We included this one precisely because, disaster that it was in monetary terms, not one person was injured, let alone killed. Why waste space on this? Because it puts the lie to something those of us [...]

Czar 52, Fairchild AFB – 1994

This one did not happen at an airshow. It happened during a rehearsal for a show the next day at Fairchild AFB in Washington State. The investigation in the aftermath of the crash of Czar 52 [...]

Sknyliv, Ukraine airshow disaster – 2002

Considered the worst airshow disaster ever. The two-seat Sukoi Su-27 fighter (roughly equivalent to the U.S. F-15 Eagle) was performing a routine airshow maneuver when something went wrong. It’s suspected that the crew misjudged their altitude. [...]

160 feared dead in Air India Express 737-800 crash, 2010

As many as 160 people were feared dead after an Air India Express Boeing 737-800 (VT-AXV, msn 36333) arriving from Dubai crashed Saturday as it overshot a runway while trying to land in southern India. Television [...]

Aires 737-700 crashes in Colombia; 1 killed.

BOGOTA, Colombia – A Boeing 737-700 jetliner (HK-4682, msn 32416) with 131 passengers aboard crashed on landing and broke into three pieces at a Colombian island in the Caribbean early Monday. The region’s governor said it [...]

in-flight fire Saudia L-1011 bound for Karachi. 1980

Burned out shell of airliner where 300+ burned to death. This image is truly terrifying. On August 19, 1980, a Saudia L-1011 bound for Karachi returned to Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, following an in-flight fire that broke [...]

Concorde on takeoff with its fuel tank on fire. 2000

A plane crash is a truly catastrophic incident, whatever size the aircraft, the words and pictures that follow may make you think twice about air travel. One of the most infamous – though in terms of [...]

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