Risky Airports

No. 20: New York JFK

No. 20: New York JFK Score: 1.65 Runway Incidents: 35 Close Calls: In April of 2011, an Air France double-decker A380 collided with a Delta Connection regional jet while the Airbus was taxiing toward its takeoff [...]

No. 19: Atlanta Hartsfield-Jackson

No. 19: Atlanta Hartsfield-Jackson Score: 1.68 Runway Incidents: 82 Close Calls: In 2008, a Delta flight taking off for Puerto Vallarta came within an estimated three seconds of colliding with an Atlantic Southeast regional jet that [...]

No. 18: Las Vegas McCarran

No. 18: Las Vegas McCarran Score: 1.81 Runway Incidents: 51 Close Calls: Two planes operated by Air Canada and America West nearly collided in 2005. According to press reports, it was believed a McCarran air traffic [...]

No. 17: Seattle-Tacoma International

No. 17: Seattle-Tacoma International Score: 1.87 Runway Incidents: 31 Close Calls: Snow and ice on the runway and low visibility at Sea-Tac contributed to a cargo 747 sliding off the end of the runway. The Fix: [...]

No. 16: Tampa International

No. 16: Tampa International Score: 1.97 Runway Incidents: 17 Close Calls: As at other airports, wildlife occasionally interferes with TPA’s operations. Roaming coyotes are a threat, and airport authorities have had to undertake several roundups over [...]

No. 15: Newark Liberty

No. 15: Newark Liberty Score: 1.99 Runway Incidents: 32 Close Calls: One of the airport’s more publicized safety incidents in recent years came when a Continental Airlines 757 landed on a taxiway rather than the adjacent [...]

No. 14: Philadelphia International

No. 14: Philadelphia International Score: 2.05 Runway Incidents: 50 Close Calls: The FAA alerts pilots to three “hot spot” locations on runways and taxiways at PHL. Over the past two years, there have been 14 runway [...]

No. 13: Charlotte Douglas

No. 13: Charlotte Douglas Score: 2.34 Runway Incidents: 35 Close Calls: CLT has been the scene of several serious incidents in recent years including the 2003 crash of a US Airways commuter flight that left 21 [...]

No. 12: Denver International

No. 12: Denver International Score: 2.48 Runway Incidents: 15 Close Calls: Strong crosswinds were blamed for a 2008 incident in which a Continental Airlines 737 plunged off a runway into a ravine and caught fire. Thirty-eight [...]

No. 11: Chicago Midway

No. 11: Chicago Midway Score: 2.73 Runway Incidents: 23 Close Calls: While landing on a slippery runway at Midway in December 2005, a Southwest Airlines 737 shot off the end of a runway and into a [...]

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