Plane incidents

Aer Lingus flight hits the runway lights and forced to return to Dublin Airport

An Aer Lingus transatlantic flight returned to Dublin Airport on Friday after ‘significant damage’ to runway lights was discovered after the jet had departed. Aer Lingus flight EI-141 departed Dublin at around 3.20pm bound for Miami [...]

Plane front gear collapsed at Centennial Airport, no one injured

The pilot walked away after a single-passenger airplane crashed at Centennial Airport outside of Denver Saturday. ENGLEWOOD, CO — A single engine plane made a crash landing at Centennial Airport in Englewood Saturday afternoon and skidded [...]

Beech Bonanza plane crashes through fence at Riverside Municipal Airport

A single-engine plane went off the end of a runway at Riverside Municipal Airport on Friday and skidded to a stop in a dirt overrun, but no one was injured. The accident, involving a Beech Bonanza, [...]

Fuel vehicle rams into PIA aircraft at Toronto airport, flight delayed

PIA Flight Delayed at Toronto Airport after Collision with a Refueling Automobile At the Toronto Pearson International Airport, a refueling automobile bumped into the parked Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) airplane on Friday. The flight was headed [...]

Virgin flight makes an emergency landing at Melbourne Airport, bird strike

A VIRGIN flight was forced to make an emergency landing at Melbourne Airport this morning after the plane struck a bird not long after takeoff. Flight VA319 had just began its journey to Brisbane after 9am [...]

Flybe plane makes emergency landing after tyre blew out on take off

This is the moment a flight with a deflated tyre performed an emergency landing at Manchester Airport. Flybe flight BE7212, which was travelling to Manchester from Dusseldorf, was surrounded by fire engines as it landed in [...]

Air Berlin pilot’s ‘lap of honour’ in Dusseldorf is being investigated

The pilot of the flight from Miami on Monday pulled up the aircraft above the runway in Duesseldorf and made a low pass over the airport before coming around and landing BERLIN — A German aviation [...]

C-130 Plane Lands at Reno-Tahoe Airport After Mechanical Issue

Reno-Tahoe International Airport authorities say a C-130 military plane landed safely in Reno late Monday morning after experiencing some sort of mechanical issue. “Absolutely, the best case scenario,” Brian Kulpin, Reno-Tahoe International Airport Spokesman said. “Not [...]

RV-4 plane makes emergency landing in Thurston County

A single-engine airplane had to make an emergency landing in Thurston County on Sunday after its propeller broke mid-flight, according to the Thurston County Sheriff’s Office. The plane landed about 3 p.m. Sunday at 16800 Pleasant [...]

Footage shows plane struggling to land at Dublin Airport in Hurricane Ophelia

HURRICANE OPHELIA has battered some parts of the UK, with people reported to have died in Ireland, and one plane had a very rocky landing as it landed at Dublin Airport. The remnants of Hurricane Ophelia [...]

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