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Airliners built to take lightning strikes – like the one that hit a plane on Sunday

Passengers on a Sunday flight to Wellington “screamed” when lightning hit their plane, but lightning strikes on aircraft are not unusual and airliners are built to take it. It is many years since a lightning strike [...]

Boeing, UCF developing virtual co-pilot to improve and accelerate pilot training (Video)

The augmented reality co-pilot will teach trainees how to interact and communicate with colleagues in the cockpit ranging from “nice pilot” to “gruff.” [...]

Airbus’ New Black Boxes Will Eject From Crashing Planes

IT’S BEEN MORE than three years since Malaysian Airlines Flight 370 vanished, and after spending $150 million and scouring a huge chunk of the Indian Ocean, the international search effort has turned up just a few [...]

6 Secrets of an Airplane’s ‘Black Box’

And other incredible facts about flight data recorders. “If the ‘black box’ flight recorder is never damaged during a plane crash, then why isn’t the whole airplane made out of that stuff?” This famous quote from [...]

Dramatic video shows Boeing’s two new flight-test airplanes showing off

A Boeing video of the two new flight-test airplanes it has flown to the Paris Air Show flying together over the North Cascades in early June is an awesomely beautiful display of aviation prowess. From the [...]

Airbus’s newest airliner A350-1000 takes to the skies

You don’t see a new commercial aircraft’s maiden flight every day, but that’s exactly what happened today at the Airbus headquarters in Toulouse, France. The company’s newest airliner, the A350-1000, took off into gray skies at [...]

Crop-duster plane that crashed near Brantford had run out of fuel

A plane crash southeast of Brantford earlier this month was caused because a lack of fuel led to the plane’s engine losing power, according to a Transportation Safety Board investigation. The pilot was the only person [...]

Avoid Landing in Pakistan Unless In ‘Extreme Emergency’, Pilots Told

NEW DELHI: Indian carriers have asked their pilots operating flights that overfly Pakistan to avoid landing there in an emergency situation. Unless there is an “extreme emergency”, like fire on board, airlines have ‘informally’ told pilots [...]

China builds massive AG600 seaplane

BEIJING: China has completed production of the world’s largest amphibious aircraft, state media has said, the latest effort in the country’s programme to wean itself off dependence on foreign aviation firms. The state-owned Aviation Industry Corporation [...]

Flight-following software ‘not used as intended’ as airplane hit by severe turbulence in thunderstorm

The Transportation Safety Board of Canada recently released an investigation report into a severe turbulence incident in southwestern Ontario, in which the crew of an American airline flew into a line of thunderstorms, temporarily lost control [...]

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