: ' bird strike'

Delta flight plane makes emergency landing after a bird strike

A shock for passengers in Grand Forks, as their plane is forced to make an emergency landing shortly after takeoff. A Delta flight took off and then had to make an emergency landing after a bird [...]

EasyJet makes emergency landing at John Lennon Airport in Liverpool

A PASSENGER jet en route to Jersey was forced to make an emergency landing following a bird strike during take-off. The easyJet plane struck the bird shortly after 2.50 pm on Thursday while departing John Lennon [...]

AirAsia flight grounded after apparent bird strike damages engine

Malaysian budget carrier AirAsia X said on Tuesday a flight from Australia to Malaysia was diverted and forced to land in Brisbane because an engine was damaged during take-off by what was thought to be a [...]

EasyJet plane makes an emergency landing, bird strike

A packed plane was forced to make an emergency landing after a bird flew into it just as it left the runway. Fire, ambulance and police were scrambled to Inverness Airport after the bird flew into [...]

Lion Air plane nose damaged after colliding with bird during landing

Though quite rare, an aircraft colliding with a bird during flight, aptly known as BASH (Bird Aircraft Strike Hazard) or simply bird strike in the aviation industry, can be quite dangerous as this latest such incident [...]

United Airlines plane makes emergency landing after mid-air engine fire

A United Airlines flight from Chicago to Miami had to return to O’Hare International Airport after its engine caught fire when it apparently struck a bird. United Airlines spokeswoman Erin Benson says Flight 1738 shut down [...]

JetBlue flight 1808 emergency landing after bird strike

A JetBlue flight that departed from Dulles International Airport on Wednesday had to make an emergency landing back at the airport after suffering a bird strike. Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority spokesperson Andrew Trull said JetBlue flight [...]

American Airlines flight makes emergency after bird strike, video

WASHINGTON — An American Airlines flight taking off from Reagan National Airport Wednesday was forced to make an emergency landing at Dulles International Airport after a bird strike. American Airlines flight 4411, was on its way [...]

Dana Air Makes Emergency Landing Following Engine Failure, bird-strike

There was a big scare for passengers on a Dana Air plane after their flight from Lagos to Port Harcourt lost one of its engines midair forcing it to make an emergency landing. It is understood [...]

JetBlue Flight 897 makes emergency landing following bird strike

ORLANDO — A plane that departed from Boston had to make an emergency landing in Orlando for a possible landing gear problem. The Federal Aviation Administration said JetBlue Flight 897 was on its way to Liberia, [...]

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