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Aeroflot flight turbulence on flight leaves at least 20 injured

SHOCKING footage has emerged reportedly showing the aftermath of major turbulence which left at least 20 people injured on a passenger plane. At least 20 people – including three babies – were reportedly injured during the [...]

Qatar Airways jet makes emergency landing after heavy turbulence

A Qatar Airways jet made an emergency landing at a Portuguese military base in the Azores islands on Sunday after heavy turbulence injured passengers. The Boeing 777, bound from Washington to Doha, was re-routed during a [...]

Etihad Airways Flight EY450 suffered a major engine fault

An Etihad Airways flight from Abu Dhabi to Sydney with many Australians on board has been forced to conduct an emergency landing after it suffered a major engine fault. The three-year-old Boeing 777 departed to Sydney [...]

Emirates flight EK 652 makes emergency landing in Mumbai

An Emirates flight EK 652 from Dubai to Male, with 309 people on board, made an emergency landing in Mumbai. The emergency landing was necessitated after smoke was observed on-board, according to a report by news [...]

American Airlines Flight AA57 returns to Heathrow

An American Airlines flight was forced to fly back to Heathrow after a mid-air emergency scare. Flight AA57 to Miami took off from Heathrow at 9.45am on Tuesday but had to return airport shortly after 11am. [...]

Chinese Cathay Pacific emergency landing at Chongqing airport

Chinese Cathay Pacific company’s Boeing 777 airliner, which was carrying 248 passengers, made an emergency landing at the airport in the Chinese city of Chongqing due to a problem with oil supply, RIA Novosti agency reported [...]

Orenair makes emergency landing in Punta Cana

Orenair Flight 2554, which was scheduled to fly to the Russian capital of Moscow, declared an emergency after taking off from Punta Cana in the Dominican Republic. Details about the emergency were not immediately known. Flight [...]

Thai Airways flight makes an emergency landing in Osaka

A Thai Airways flight heading to Bangkok was forced to make an emergency landing today in Osaka, Japan. Flight TG671 departed Sapporo in northern Japan as scheduled at 10.58am local time and was due to arrive [...]

JAL jet makes emergency landing, losing gear-sensor

A Japan Airlines flight from Chicago made a safe emergency landing at Narita International Airport Tuesday after reporting suspected trouble with its main landing gear. According to the transport ministry’s office at the airport, no injuries [...]

El Al flight makes safe emergency landing in Montana

BILLINGS – Update: The 279 passengers aboard the diverted plane left Billings Sunday evening after another flight arrived. They continued their flight following an all-day delay where passengers received a warm welcome from several Montana residents [...]

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