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Delta Flight 1057 plane makes emergency landing at McCarran Airport

Just shortly after midnight on Sept. 5, Delta Flight 1057 from Las Vegas to New York-JFK declared an emergency due to an issue with one of the engines after taking off from McCarran International Airport. It [...]

Delta flight 981 Makes Emergency Landing at JFK for Report of Fumes

A Delta flight made an emergency landing at Kennedy Airport Tuesday when a passenger complained of a headache from fumes coming from the cockpit. Delta flight 981 was headed to Atlanta from Boston when there was [...]

Delta flight plane makes emergency landing after a bird strike

A shock for passengers in Grand Forks, as their plane is forced to make an emergency landing shortly after takeoff. A Delta flight took off and then had to make an emergency landing after a bird [...]

Delta plane collides with American plane at JFK Airport

A Delta Air Lines Boeing 737 struck an American Airlines plane waiting to depart at New York’s John F. Kennedy Airport Tuesday evening, delaying passengers and causing damage to the aircraft. The American plane, scheduled to [...]

Delta flight 1939 makes emergency landing at McGhee Tyson Airport

A complaint from a passenger aboard a Delta airliner caused the pilot to make an emergency landing at McGhee Tyson Sunday. A spokesperson for Delta said flight 1939 was traveling from Pittsburg to Atlanta when it [...]

Delta flight 2492 stuck in the mud after uses wrong taxiway, video

A plane at the Asheville Regional Airport got stuck in mud after landing Sunday. Video of the incident was sent to us by a passenger on the plane. Airport officials say 106 people were on Delta [...]

Delta flight plane makes emergency landing at EVANSVILLE, video

Passengers headed out on a Delta flight from Evansville were forced to turn around Thursday. The plane had to make an emergency landing just after 10 a.m. because of a possible landing gear malfunction. Passengers aboard [...]

Delta flight with engine problems makes emergency landing in Memphis

A plane flying from Atlanta to Los Angeles was forced to make an emergency landing in Memphis. Delta flight 1125 was diverted to Memphis after reporting engine trouble, according to a spokesman with the Memphis International [...]

Aero Commander 200D Plane Crashes In Bay County, Serious Injuries Reported

BAY COUNTY — A pilot had to make an emergency landing Saturday afternoon. According to an emailed press release, James McLeod, 32, attempted to make an emergency landing. The aircraft (Arrow Commander 200 Delta) lost power [...]

Delta plane dumps fuel over Lake Michigan, possibly open panel

DETROIT — A Delta flight headed to Seoul, South Korea, had to dump fuel and return to Detroit Metropolitan Airport on Saturday after a light in the cockpit indicated there possibly was an open maintenance panel [...]

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