: ' Engine trouble'

Cessna 205 makes emergency landing in Northwest Lincoln

LINCOLN, Neb. – Four people walked away without injury after a single prop plane carrying four passengers made an emergency landing in a field in Northwest Lincoln. The call came into emergency crews around 12:15 p.m. [...]

Cayman Airways jet makes emergency landing, pressurization problem

A Cayman Airways flight headed for New York had to return to Owen Roberts International Airport and make an emergency landing Sunday when it developed a problem with the jet’s pressurization system. The aircraft, a Boeing [...]

Experimental type airplane crashes in Eufaula field

An airplane crash temporarily closed Weedon Field in Eufaula Saturday. According to a report on the Eufaula Police Facebook page, the Eufaula Fire Department and Eufaula Police Department responded to the crash. An experimental type aircraft [...]

Cessna 210 plane crash near Albany after engine trouble, pilot killed

A PILOT killed after his light plane crashed and caught fire in dense bush north-west of Albany has been identified as local man Sam Ferns. Mr Ferns, 40, is understood to have moved to the Great [...]

Delta plane makes emergency landing due to engine trouble

KNOXVILLE, Tennessee — A Delta plane flying from Atlanta to Cleveland on Sunday morning had to make an emergency landing in Knoxville, Delta spokesperson Anthony Black confirmed. Black said the plane experienced engine trouble, forcing it [...]

Virgin Australia flight made emergency landing after engine trouble

A PASSENGER flight from Coolangatta to Sydney has made an emergency landing in Brisbane after experiencing engine troubles. The pilot spotted the engine problems shortly after taking off from the Gold Coast on Thursday evening and [...]

3 US F-16 fighter jets make emergency landings after one with engine trouble

Three US Air Force F-16 fighter jets made emergency landings at an airport in central Japan on Saturday. The 3 jet fighters are stationed at the US Misawa Air Base in Aomori Prefecture, northern Japan. They [...]

Plane makes emergency landing in water off Locust Beach near Bellingham

BELLINGHAM – A small airplane landed in water off Locust Beach on Thursday after the pilot reported having engine trouble, according to the Whatcom County Sheriff’s Office. The emergency landing was reported at 4:42 p.m. in [...]

Cayman Airways flight KX200 emergency landing, engine problem

A Cayman Airways flight destined for Tampa, Florida, was forced to turn back to Grand Cayman on Thursday because of engine trouble. Flight KX200 had to make an emergency landing. None of the 128 passengers on [...]

Starduster SA-100 amateur-built plane crashes in Orange County

A pilot has survived a small plane crash in Orange County this afternoon. FAA officials say a Starduster SA-100 amateur-built aircraft went down in a marsh near Route 17A and the New York State Thruway in [...]

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