: ' Southwest Airlines'

Southwest Airlines emergency landing at Oakland, blown tire

A Southwest Airlines flight made what appeared to be a normal landing Wednesday after circling for several hours over the Oakland airport due to possible landing gear problems. TV helicopter video showed Southwest flight 2547 landing [...]

Southwest Flight to Chicago Makes Emergency Landing in Omaha, Odor?

A Southwest Airlines flight traveling from Denver to Chicago’s Midway Airport made an emergency landing in Omaha after an “unusual odor” was detected in the cabin Thursday, the airline confirmed. The captain of flight 4378 landed [...]

Southwest Airlines collided at Sky Harbor International Airport

PHOENIX – Nobody was injured when two planes collided at Sky Harbor International Airport on Friday, officials said. According to airport officials, a departing Frontier Airlines plane clipped the wing of an arriving Southwest Airlines plane [...]

Southwest Airlines Flight Makes Emergency Landing at Midway

CHICAGO, IL — A Southwest Airlines flight just made an emergency landing at Midway Airport shortly after takeoff Thursday morning. The plane ingested a bird upon takeoff, Steve Grzanich of WGN Radio first reported on Twitter. [...]

Southwest Flight 43 made an emergency landing after pressurization issue

For the second day in a row, a Houston-bound Southwest Airlines flight was forced to make an emergency landing. Southwest Flight 43 took off from Dallas about 5 p.m. on Wednesday, only to turn around and [...]

Southwest flight 2364 makes emergency landing at LAX

A Southwest Airlines flight bound for Nashville, Tennessee made an emergency landing at Los Angeles International Airport Monday night after the plane blew a tire. Southwest Flight 2364, which took off from LAX, landed on an [...]

SouthwestIn Flight Engine Damage, Emergency Landing in New Orleans

Engine blade on Southwest jet showed signs of cracking DALLAS- An engine fan blade that showed signs of metal fatigue broke off, causing the emergency landing of a Southwest Airlines jet last month, investigators say. The [...]

Southwest Airlines bird strike pilots to return a flight to Baltimore

Southwest Airlines said a possible bird strike prompted pilots to return a flight to Baltimore-Washington International Thurgood Marshall Airport after takeoff. Southwest said in a statement Monday morning that Flight 484 took off for Rhode Island’s [...]

Southwest flight returns with mechanical problem

A Southwest Airlines flight from Oakland to Chicago Midway on Wednesday returned to Oakland with a mechanical problem after circling for hours to burn fuel. Flight 2547 off at 6:12 a.m. Pacific from Oakland with 139 [...]

Southwest Airlines returned to Dallas, Engine problem

A Southwest Airlines flight returned to Dallas Love Field shortly after takeoff Saturday morning due to a potential mechanical issue involving one of the plane’s engines. Flight 3390 had just departed en route to Baltimore/Washington International [...]

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