: ' technical problem'

EasyJet flight EZS1110 lands in Thessaloniki after technical problem

An EasyJet flight that took off from Thessaloniki on Tuesday bound for the Swiss city of Basel was forced to return to the northern Greek port shortly after takeoff due to what the company described as [...]

Swiss Air makes emergency landing with one engine, video

A Swiss International Air Lines flight made an unexpected landing in Iqaluit Wednesday due to a technical problem. The Boeing 777, carrying 216 passengers and 17 crew members, was en route to Los Angeles from Zurich. [...]

Thomson plane makes emergency landing at Bournemouth Airport

A Thomson plane flight TOM6249 has been forced to make an emergency landing at Bournemouth Airport following a “technical problem”. The Thomson flight from Tenerife was seen circling the airport five times before landing. Nearby roads [...]

Air-India flight AI-419 makes emergency landing in Varanasi

Bhubaneswar: Air-India flight (AI-419), journeying from Varanasi to Bhubaneswar returned to Varanasi just after 15 minutes of take-off, due to technical fault on Tuesday. All the 73 boarded passengers were safe after the plane made an [...]

MiG-29 crashed in the Mediterranean Sea near the coast of Syria

A Russian fighter jet crashed in the Mediterranean Sea near the coast of Syria after taking off from the flagship Admiral Kuznetsov aircraft carrier. Three MiG-29 jets took off from the Soviet-era aircraft carrier and flew [...]

Saudi flight 829 plane makes emergency landing in Cairo Airport

Cairo: A Saudi passenger plane Thursday made an emergency landing at Cairo Airport after developing a technical problem, sources at the airport said. The Saudia aircraft had the problem after taking off from the Burj Al [...]

Ryanair flight makes emergency landing at Dublin Airport

A Ryanair flight has made an emergency landing at Dublin Airport this afternoon. Flight FR-817 was operating between Edinburgh in Dublin when the crew declared an emergency over the Irish Sea at around 2.40pm. There were [...]

Cobalt Airbus 320 flight departs after turnaround

The Cobalt air flight that departed for Manchester at 11.10am on Sunday and returned to Larnaca airport some 50 minutes later after the captain noticed a problem during take-off concerning the response of a sensor during [...]

IndiGo flight 591made an emergency landing, technical fault

A New Delhi-bound IndiGo flight from Vadodara with 177 passengers on board made an emergency landing at the city airport this morning due to a technical fault, officials said. “IndiGo flight 591 from Vadodara to New [...]

Delta Flight DL44 declares emergency upon landing in Rome

A Delta Airlines flight from New York declared an emergency during the landing phase in Rome on Wednesday morning. The emergency on the DL44 flight was declared due to a technical problem, Il Messaggero reported. The [...]

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