: ' Turbulence'

Qantas Pilots reported feeling “airframe buffeting”, injures 15

Update: Qantas passengers describe scenes onboard aircraft during ‘stick shaker’ incident Passengers who were onboard Qantas flight QF29 from Melbourne to Hong Kong recall mixed scenes from inside the fuselage during the ‘stick shaker’ incident that [...]

Emirates A380 ‘nearly caused private jet crash over Arabian Sea’

An investigation is underway after the wake from an Airbus A380, believed to have been flown by Emirates, nearly caused a private jet to crash over the Arabian Sea on January 7. The Aviation Herald reports [...]

Piper plane crashes south of Centennial airport, video

DOUGLAS COUNTY, Colo. — Two people were injured after a small plane crashed during take-off from Centennial Airport Saturday afternoon. The control tower operator warned the pilot about light turbulence, as he cleared him for take-off [...]

Qatar Airways jet makes emergency landing after heavy turbulence

A Qatar Airways jet made an emergency landing at a Portuguese military base in the Azores islands on Sunday after heavy turbulence injured passengers. The Boeing 777, bound from Washington to Doha, was re-routed during a [...]

China Eastern flight hits turbulence in Sydney landing

Five passengers and two crew members on board a China Eastern flight into Sydney Airport have been taken to hospital and treated for serious injuries after the aircraft suffered through severe turbulence at high altitude. Flight [...]

United Airlines flight leaves 16 injured in Ireland, turbulence

Twelve people, including three children, have been injured after a transatlantic flight was forced to make an emergency landing in Ireland due to severe turbulence. Ten passengers and two flight crew were treated in hospital after [...]

JetBlue flight 1134 hit by severe turbulence, 8 injured

This is the terrifying moment a JetBlue flight was hit by severe turbulence causing a refrigerator to ‘explode’ and leaving eight people injured. Frightened passengers described the shaking plane as being ‘like a movie’ after oxygen [...]

American Airlines flight 206 severe turbulence injures 7

Seven people aboard an American Airlines flight from Miami to Milan were injured when the aircraft encountered severe turbulence and was forced to divert and make an emergency landing in Canada. American Airlines flight 206 carrying [...]

Turbulence Rocks American Airlines Traveling to Miami

Five passengers and a flight attendant were injured aboard an American Airlines on Friday after the plane, traveling from New York City to Miami, experienced severe turbulence. The flight attendant broke her nose, according to Fox [...]

Violent Turbulence Forces Air Canada Flight to Land

Severe turbulence injured passengers aboard a Boeing 777 operated by Air Canada, causing the flight to land early. An Air Canada flight encountered such severe turbulence on Wednesday that terrified passengers said they thought they were [...]

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